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As seen on Cartoon Network! NARUTO, the troublemaking class clown of the prestigious Ninja Academy, is determined to someday become a respected warrior and the leader of his village, desite the evil spirit of the fox that dwells within him. Can he overcome the mistrust of his fellow villagers, and his own worst instincts, and become the great ninja he dreams of being?

This property has been discontinued.

Naruto Shadow Clone Jutsu Statue

Kakashi Lightning Blade Statue

Naruto Gaara Sand Coffin - Standard Edition









Naruto Nine Tailed-Fox -
Standard Edition

NarutoSquad 7 Bookends

Naruto Sasuke Ultimate Chidori


Gaara Sand Coffin - 2007 Convention Exclusive

Naruto Nine Tailed-Fox -
2006 Convention Exclusive

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