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Meet Toynami’s exciting line of block-style cubular mini-figure! What makes the I-Men so unique?

  • Highly articulated cubular figures with dynamic poseability
  • Magnetic feet offer much more flexibility in posing
  • Each I-Men mini-figure comes with a Collector’s Coin unique to that character. These coins can also be used as a display stand, thanks to the magnetic feature
  • Certain series of I-Men mini-figures utilize Toynami’s patented light-up action, a first in a figure of this size
  • And of course, some of the most exciting characters in animation: Robotech, DragonBall Z, Futurama and Voltron!

Each series of I-Men is sequentially numbered, encouraging I-Men fans to collect them all. Figures are sold in blister-carded two-packs, containing two cubular figures and two Collector's Coins.

This property has been discontinued.

Robotech: Series 1
Hanna Barbera Adventure Superstars
Dragonball Z
Robotech: Series 2
Voltron: Defender of the Universe

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