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“Eos” is an elite unit of the Agurts 303rd Marines. Their name derives from the ancient tale of Eos, when the peninsula came under siege and civilians along the coast were called to arms. During the attack, a well known fisherman-Eos leaped intothe stormy seas and severed the invading navy’s anchors,causing enemyships to collide and sink in the storm.

The story of Eos inspired the incorporation of local fishermen to form the region’s first amphibious force.Amphibious warfare have undergone great changes since the Gray Summer, troopships and aircraft carriers have limited effectiveness in coastal conflicts today. Missions must be carried out with a small but deadly group of soldiers.

The Eos specialize in amphibious assault, armed with a diverse arsenal, these units are capable of destroying heavy fortifications and performing rapid assaults at the same time. That night, when Bob sensed the headstrong girl was on her way to etch out her own fate, he slipped his orange scarf into the bottom of her backpack, a memento of support and blessing.

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