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Tulipop is a wondrous island in the middle of two seas, governed by 3 moons. Created when a magical underwater volcano erupted many lifetimes ago, the lava formed the island that evolved into the beautiful place that is Tulipop.

Loosely based on the landscapes of Iceland, Tulipop is full of waterfalls, rugged mountains, hot springs, and golden sands and is the home of six very different but equally loveable characters who work together to try and overcome the various predicaments they face. Gloomy, Bubble, Fred, Miss Maddy, Mr.Tree and Mama Skully are all totally different but utterly unique characters that each have their own skills but are not without their flaws.

They are all very fond of each other but do clash on occasion due to their different outlooks and sensibilities.
The heart of the series is their friendships and how they get along and have fun despite their differences.


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