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FAV-A12 Sand Antbike AB7s

FAV-A12 - The Sand Antbike AB7s is a combat engineer vehicle serving the 88th Sand Team. With the rapid advancement of SA warfare, the Flakbike's classic design appeared increasingly outdated. At the same time, SA fleets were outgrowing their existing logistic provisions. In particular, the logistic capacity of the 88th Sand Team had been worn thin from years of dedicated service in the desert. Thus, the 88th Sand Team's engineers saw great potential in the Flakbike's powerful engine and refurbished the model into a revolutionary new combat engineer vehicle - the Antbike. The Antbike can act as a tractor unit linking multiple trailers, significantly boosting cargo capacity. When coupled with lifting cranes, folding shovels and ground drills, it can greatly facilitate construction and cargo movement. In addition, the Flakbike's gun barrel can be reinstalled on the Antbike to become a formidable combat unit!

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