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The Chop Chops is a legendary tale of a group of ghost-hunting kungfu masters, and their journey through a world filled with dangers, as they seek to uncover a great evil brewing across the land, and restore harmony to their world.

Legend has it that Chop Chop, a giant, evil salamander spirit, rampaged through the world, laying waste to everything around him. Two kungfu masters, Monk Jin and Master Lao, confronted him in an epic clash of titans. But Chop Chop prevailed, and defeated them. With no worthy challenges left, he then set his sights upon the sun, and became one with its immense power. With their remaining strength, Monk Jin and Master Lao mystically encase Lo-yun and the sun in an impenetrable sphere of magical black ice. With the light of the sun all but lost, mysterious events begin to occur, and terrifying ghosts start appearing all over the world.

Brought together by two mysterious kungfu masters, join Le-o, Sam-o, Tut-o, and Tim-o as they train to battle the new threats to their world, and embark on an epic journey full of mystery and intrigue. Along their way, Le-o and friends will encounter new friends and new enemies, uncover the secrets to their mysterious pasts, and discover a secret that will forever change their lives.

This property has been discontinued.

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