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King Zandor, his wife Tara and their son Dorno fight to defend their planet with the help of the amazing Herculoids: the mighty dragon Zok; Tundro, a rhinoceros-like creature with a horn like a cannon; Igoo, the powerful rock monster; and the blobby shapeshifters Gloop and Gleep.

This property has been discontinued.
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Zok & Zandor Box Set: Figures Shot
Zandor figure: Front
Zandor figure: Back
Zok & Zandor Box Set: Package Shot
Dorno, Gleep & Tundro Box Set: Figures Shot
Dorno figure: Close-Up
Gleep figure: Close-Up
Dorno, Gleep & Tundro Box Set: Package Shot
Tara, Gloop & Igoo Box Set: Figures Shot
Tara figure: Close-Up
Igoo figure: Close-Up
Tara, Gloop & Igoo Box Set: Package Shot
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